Pageant Videos

Pageant Videos We Have Shot

To View On The web in a player use these pages here for all you will need the user and pass given to you

To Download Files for your own use or to save use this page

For File downloads here are some tips,

xxx.iso is a file that will make a DVD in one step from any windows computer (other types google for info)

xxx.wmv is a smaller compressed version that still retains decent quality but is not really for serious archive or editing

xxx.asf is a streaming format and is the lowest quality but the smallest file and can be streamed as it is on these pages

xxx.m2v is mildly compressed MPEG and retains good quality and may be compatible with older systems and such

xxx.mp4 is the newest compression and offers near original quality in a smaller files size

xxx.avi is the original source video and can be used for editing and archive is a QuickTime version of the .avi, it is full quality for QuickTime / Apple systems

xxx.wav is an audio only file